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John Count: 4826
Belgo Building
Gender: Family
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Additional Info / Comments:
Cleanliness: 3 / 5
Total number of stalls: 0
Number of Urinals: 0
Number of handicap stalls: 0
Number of regular stalls: 0
Customers Only $: Free
Additional Description: some of the washrooms on some of the floors of the building are handicap, some are so empty and relaxed it seems like anyone can walk in - there are a few that say things like "women" and aren't single stalled, but the signs are painted over so much it feels like they're probably for whoever. go into the main entrance and either up the stairs in front of you, or to the left to get to the elevators
Date last updated: : 2013-05-10 18:54:03
Date created: : 2013-05-10 18:54:03

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